Solo Noir® “Lux™ Double Edge Safety Razor” (Ultra-Slim Design)
Solo Noir® “Lux™ Double Edge Safety Razor” (Ultra-Slim Design)
Solo Noir® “Lux™ Double Edge Safety Razor” (Ultra-Slim Design)

Solo Noir® “Lux™ Double Edge Safety Razor” (Ultra-Slim Design)





{Uncommon Convergence}

Every Solo Noir® Man breathes an air of charisma which resonates to everyone and everything around him giving him the uncanny ability to draw them all to himself in an uncommon convergence thus letting him set them in a direction which exploits synergy and inspires transformation.

LUX DOUBLE EDGE SAFETY RAZOR represents amazing craftsmanship finesse from a flawless brass alloy creatively designed with clever attention to the grooming needs of Solo Noir® Men. The entire arrangement of this grooming accessory was engineered with the core intentions of redefining the meaning of function and control during grooming sessions, with its long, non-slip handle and easy top-load slim design to give you an excellent grip mechanism while providing a very close, comfortable shave without skin irritation and razor burn. To get the best results, you should combine this quintessential grooming accessory with our SLEEK™ ALL NATURAL SHAVING CREAM moisturizer for a much sleeker and smooth shave. Style is nothing without control and our LUX™ DOUBLE EDGE SAFETY RAZOR offers you a balance of function and control directed towards enhanced performance.

This razor is essential to your skin care arsenal. Single blade razors like this one provide a multitude of benefits.

  • Less ingrown hairs
  • Less skin irritation
  • Easily replaceable blades
  • Ultra-Slim Design

LUX™ DOUBLE EDGE SAFETY RAZOR is made from a 100% pure brass alloy of copper and zinc

  • Directions: Twist, device using the top section of the razor stem to open the razor head, then carefully place the razor inside the razor head, twist to close.  Replace blade after 4-5 shaves.
  • Size: Total length: 3.7 inches (9.5 cm) Handle length: 3.3 inches (8.5 cm)