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5 Steps to Grow a Thicker Beard

by Andrea Polk |

Easy tips to fill in patches and jumpstart stagnant beard growth 

Growing a beard seems deceptively easy.  You just stop shaving, ditch your morning grooming routine, and watch as your full Gandalf fills in.  But just like the hair on your head, your beard requires some serious care and maintenance for maximum results.  If you’re having trouble filling patchy spots or reaching your desired beard thickness, there are 5 key ways you can overcome this hurdle.

1.Take better care of your skin

Regularly cleansing and exfoliating your skin doesn’t just benefit your complexion.  You remove dead skin cells that can clog pores and slow growth.  And regular moisturizing keeps your skin healthy, which further encourages beard growth.  Our SMOOTH™ Face + Beard Moisturizer uses a combination of natural ingredients like grapeseed oil and shea butter to protect the hair you have and provide extra moisture.

2. Work out more often

Working out produces a lot of benefits – increased strength, better moods, and boosted self-confidence.  But a steady fitness regimen also helps produce more testosterone, which plays a key role in beard growth.

3. Use beard oil every day

As your facial hair grows, your follicles can’t produce enough sebum (natural oil) to moisturize both your skin and beard.  Beard oil ensures there’s enough moisture for both, and this is extremely important for healthy growth.  Our MUSE™ and BOLD™ Beard Oils are specially designed to kickstart growth and soften even the coarsest beard hair.

4. Get trimmed

You may need to trim your beard (or partner with your barber) to get rid of dead ends that could hinder new growth.  This is also a great time to clean up your neckline.  If you’re handling the trimming yourself, our Shaving Kit includes everything you need pre- and post-shave (e.g. the SLEEK™ Pre-shave + Shave Cream and BRAVE™ Aftershave + Toner).

5. Maintain a healthy diet

Protein-rich foods contain many of the nutrients that spur beard growth.  Ditch the junk food and load up on lean meats and vegetables, and be sure to increase your water intake as well.

With these 5 steps in action, you should see a vast improvement in beard thickness and overall growth.  And, you’ll probably be a bit healthier, too.