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Our Founder

Meet Andrea Polk, Founder of Solo Noir




Introducing Andrea Polk, the visionary founder behind Solo Noir. Her journey commenced at Tennessee State University, where she pioneered a revolutionary grooming system centered on simplicity and natural ingredients. Through Solo Noir, Andrea emerged as a guiding light, imparting wisdom on proper grooming and healthy skin practices to men and teens alike.

As the sole founder, Andrea's mission is to empower the community, one confident man at a time. Despite encountering obstacles, Solo Noir epitomizes resilience and self-assurance, mirroring Andrea's own path as an independent black woman.

Armed with a Master's in Business Administration, a Bachelor's in Marketing, and licensed aesthetician credentials, Andrea is dedicated to serving men of color. Her transformative 2-in-1 skincare line has empowered countless individuals to embrace their best selves. Despite setbacks, Andrea's unwavering support system of loved ones and community has propelled her forward.

Today, Solo Noir stands as a testament to resilience and community support, a reflection of Andrea's unwavering commitment to empowerment. She pledges to continue inspiring and uplifting through Solo Noir. In 2020, Andrea expanded her vision by launching Zen Soul Apothecary, a sister brand offering chakra-based self-care products for women and children, aimed at fostering balance within the mind, body, and soul.