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Caring for Your Hairless Head

by Andrea Polk |

So, you're making the transition to a hairless head? Welcome to the club! While hairless is often referred to as bald, it should really be called bold! This is an incredibly distinctive look that helps you stand out in the crowd. Bald heads are eye-catching and often elicit requests to rub that beautiful dome. You might think that once your hair is gone, you are done with hair products too. But whether you choose to shave your head or mother nature takes care of it for you, bald heads needs some loving care! Here are 5 skincare tips for men of color to protect their head while they make the transition to bald. 


Your scalp has been covered by hair most of your life, but now it's newly exposed to the elements. Just like a baby's skin, it needs delicate care to adapt to its new surroundings. This starts with all natural products that won't damage or irritate the skin. Natural ingredients like aloe vera and coconut oil are most appropriate for your freshly bald head. Protect your scalp from sunburn when you head outside with a hat or sunscreen. Use anti-aging products to prevent premature aging and damage to your scalp. Baby your head in winter weather as well, to protect from harsher elements. Cover up with a toboggan, hood, or cap to stay warm when wind and snow are swirling around. Heat leaves the body through the head first, so bundle up to keep your head warm.


Your scalp naturally produces oil to aid in hair growth, and with a bald head, there's nothing left to absorb the oil. A sleek head and an oily head are two very different things. To get the sleek look, you want to be squeaky clean. Bathe your head daily with a gentle cleanser like Dapper to keep your scalp free of breakouts. Moisturizing ingredients like aloe vera protect the scalp, while ingredients like witch hazel and chamomile target oily areas and tame any irritation. Bathing the scalp is a key step in men's facial care to get a glow without looking greasy.


There's nothing more distinguished than a freshly polished bald head. But if you're shaving your head or are only partially bald, razor burn and ingrown hairs can prevent a smooth even surface. Exfoliating with a product like Refined Buff + Cleanse can buff all those problems away. Jojoba seed, coconut oil, and lava powder combine to activate your skin's natural glow. Skin care for black men requires getting rid of dead skin cells to prevent a dull, ashy appearance. A polished head says you're a polished person, so exfoliate for a professional look.


Some men are completely bald, but many have to shave to achieve that. Others have a perfectly bald head but have facial hair that they tend to. To give your bald head a smooth, even shape, you want to use the right tools. For best results, shave right after your shower when your pores are open and hair is softer. Start with a pre-shave beard oil like Bold to soften even the toughest hair shafts. Use a hand mirror to see the back of your head in the reflection of the bathroom mirror. Shave with the grain and splash with cold water when done. We recommend shaving every other day if possible, since daily shaving can be slightly drying. 


Now that you've prepped, polished, and possibly shaved your scalp, lock the natural goodness in. Your scalp stands up against weather, razors, scrubbing, and polishing, so pamper it with a healing lotion. Smooth Face + Beard  Moisturizer conditions, reduces aging, and even protects your skin. Grapeseed oils and shea butter help to smooth out the surface, while Vitamin E infuses your scalp with natural healing properties. This moisturizer also creates a matte finish, which is important when it comes to bald heads. You want to give off a healthy glow, without a slick or wet-looking appearance. 

Going bald has never been better with the new men's facial care products. Brands like Solo Noir for Men offer a full range of products to guide you smoothly from preparation to perfection. It's time to show your bald head some love, so order your products today!