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How to Deal with Coarse Beards

by Andrea Polk |

How to Deal with Coarse Beards 

Men with facial hair have a lot of work to do to ensure that their beards stay well-groomed. While it may not be much for dudes with soft hair across the face and shin, it may be a lot challenging for those with a coarse beard. 

A good part of proper grooming for men is to own the right tools and beard care products. Just in case you have to go through a great deal to care for your facial hair, below are a few tips to help make the process a lot easier. 


How to Soften Coarse Beards

 The best way to ensure that you grow facial hair that is easy to care for is to be more attentive to your daily grooming. Some of the simple things you can do every day include. 


Wash your Beards 

 Washing your face with clear running water is necessary to get rid of facial dirt. You also want to pay attention and wash your beard too. The facial hair is more exposed to dust and sand, and while the face has immunity, the beards do not.  

You may want to try a hydrating cleanser twice daily to help clean and soften the hair. It also provides moisture and promotes the health of each strand. If you settle for bar soap, you want to avoid those that dry and eliminate oil from the skin. You can find several natural beard soaps and wash available for proper grooming. So you may want to try a few of them out. 


Trim Regularly 

 Part of men grooming includes trimming your beards now and then. It doesn't matter if you grow a stubble, goatee, or fully blown chin strap, you want to keep it neat always. Using scissors, you can trim out loose strands and keep things even. It would help if you did this in front of a mirror or ask someone to help you out. 


 Comb and Brush Daily 

Using a comb or brush helps to untangle tight strands and ensures that moisture is evenly distributed during styling. Doing this helps to soften coarse strands and promote healthy, shining beards. 

If you use a facial brush, you want to brush mildly from under your ears to the mid-region of your jaw. It would help if you did this for both sides of your face once or twice daily. 


Styling is Important

 Another secret to a healthy-looking beard is regular and proper styling. To achieve this, you will have to spend on some quality men's hair styling products. There are conditioners, oil, balms, and creams available to help get the job done. 

 You want to avoid using any chemical-based product for your grooming. It wipes off nutrients from your hair and scalp that could be important for healthy growth. 

 Remember that the secret to a good looking man beard is proper grooming, and you want to do well to take it seriously. That's if you are keen on spotting a real machismo look that is sexy and gentlemanly.