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Men's Grooming Kits: The Essentials Every Man Needs

by Sonja Williams |

If you've ever had to shave in a rush, you've no doubt experienced the painful redness of ingrown hairs and scratched skin—especially if your facial hair tends toward the curly side. Taking time to shave safely and correctly can seem like a hassle, but with the right products, it can be a great experience that leaves you dripping with confidence all day.

Before the Shave

Face + Beard Wash

It's critical to start with a full wash. Get the skin clean, get any hair that you're looking to keep clean, and just prepare your face for the perfect shave. Apply the face and beard wash and rinse it out, moving on to the next step with your skin and hair feeling great. Even when you're not planning to shave, a Dapper Face + Beard Wash does a great job of cleaning.

Buff + Cleanse

Cleaning and exfoliating the skin further prepares the beard for shaving. With the pores and the hair follicles open to the air, cut hair comes out more easily and there's less chance of ingrown hairs afterward. It's important to understand the difference between this and the face wash: The initial wash is to free up the hair and clean it like any other wash. This step is to prep the skin and hair for shaving. A Refined Buff + Cleanse exfoliator is perfect for keeping your skin clean and fresh, making sure no ingrown hairs give you trouble.

Face + Beard Moisturizer 

Enriched with Vitamin E, a good face and beard moisturizer will keep your skin and facial hair soft. Applying this daily, independent of the shaving process, will give you the results you want for a great beard. But applying it just before you get ready to shave will give the maximum benefit. Smooth Face + Beard Moisturizer is fortified with grapeseed oil, Vitamin E, and shea butter for the smoothest skin possible.

Preshave + Shaving Cream

A combination of preshave and shaving cream will separate the hair you're looking to shave, allowing it to easily be separated from the skin and surrounding hair. The shaving cream prevents the skin from razor burns and ingrown hairs. Wet the skin with warm water and apply it liberally. Sleek Preshave + Shaving Cream is formulated for all skin types and contains coconut oil, papaya extract, and shea butter.


The Shave Process

Once you've applied shaving cream, you can start the process. Every man has their own style when it comes to shaving: with the grain, against the grain (carefully), start at the cheeks, start at the neck—it's different for everybody. But once you've been through the first three steps of the process, you'll be amazed at how easy and clean the shave is. Make sure you're using a steady hand and a sharp blade, but we won't tell you how to actually shave, of course.

After the shave

Aftershave + Toner

A solid aftershave will calm and smooth the skin, reducing irritation and lowering the risk of ingrown hair. Shaving cream and a careful shave will prevent most razor burn, but aftershave will do even more to help. Brave Aftershave + Toner soothes the skin and prevents irritation. The natural ingredients in the aftershave make it especially perfect for men with sensitive skin, but it does great work for anybody.


The Bottom Line

As technology has changed the rest of our lives, the shaving process has changed as well. The well-put-together man should be aware of the best options for their facial health. A complete grooming kit goes a long way toward overall health, and it's no secret that you'll look and feel great. While the price tag for high-end products can be difficult to digest at first, a solid grooming kit will last for around three months so there's no rush to replace it.