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Skincare Essentials for Black Men

by Andrea Polk |

It’s no secret—black hair requires products, tools, and routines specially designed to protect and treat its texture and moisture.  Black skin is no different.

Black men aren’t naturally concerned with their skin.  Keeping a medicine cabinet full of beauty products isn’t exactly manly.  But image aside, your skin needs TLC.  Black skin is especially prone to scarring and hyperpigmentation.  Without proper care, today’s mistakes could rear their ugly heads 10, 20, or even 30 years from now.  So, what essentials should you add to your arsenal?

A Gentle Cleanser

A quick primer on acne—dirt, excess oil, and dead skin cells can clog your pores.  Those clogged pores lead to acne.  If your acne is reoccurring or not properly treated, it leaves behind dark spots (hyperpigmentation).  It’s tough to get rid of these spots without some type of fading cream or prescription meds.  The best way to avoid this issue? Cleanse your face twice daily with a gentle cleanser, like our Dapper™ Face + Beard Wash All-Natural Facial Cleanser.  You want a cleanser that removes dirt but doesn’t contain harsh chemicals that remove your skin’s natural moisture.

Moisturizer (with oil)

When you shop the shelves at your local drugstore, you’ll see a ton of oil-free moisturizers.  More than others, your skin needs moisture—the kind provided by oil.  Without it, your face dries out, leading to irritation and a host of other issues.  Our Smooth™ All-Natural Face + Beard Moisturizer contains natural ingredients like Grapeseed, Sunflower, and Vitamin E oils, which provide long-lasting moisture and full skin hydration.

Other Tips

In addition to the aforementioned products, be sure to protect your skin with sunscreen or sunblock, and find a dermatologist that specializes in black skin.  You need treatment that’s tailored to your issues—not advice that will make them worse.

With a few skincare essentials in your toolkit, you can maintain great skin for the long-term.