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Essential Grooming Advice for First Dates

These moves will help you make a great first impression It’s your first date – you’ve planned your conversation topics if there’s an awkward pause, you’ve picked out a killer look, and you’ve mapped out an evening that she’ll never forget.  You’re ready and confident but there’s one last step to tackle – grooming.  Everything from your beard to your breath can put a damper on your plans if they aren’t taken care of. FACIAL HAIR If you’re typically clean-shaven, shave beforehand and avoid the stubble.  For a close, bump-free shave that impresses, use a safety razor.  If you rock a beard, give it a good trim.  You want to present the best version of your usual look.  TAKE CARE OF YOUR SKIN  A few days prior, exfoliate so you can remove dead skin cells and coast into date night with smooth, clear skin.  Our Refined™ Buff + Cleanse All-Natural Facial Scrub helps remove imperfections gently and effectively. SMELL GOOD...BUT NOT TOO GOOD  Don’t overdo the cologne.  Pick a scent that’s a bit subtle and appropriate for the evening.  Go for something with base notes of musk, oak, or vanilla. CLIP YOUR NAILS  Clipping your fingernails might seem like a minor detail but it matters.  Just imagine how horrifying it could be to reach for your menu with dirt caked under your nails.  Clip them short and file them down. FRESHEN YOUR BREATH  Brush your teeth, floss, and rinse with a minty mouthwash.  And if needed, carry a small pack of mints or chewing gum.  If the date finishes up close and personal, you want to be prepared. Follow these tips and you’ll be headed out on your second date in no time.