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Clean shaven is a look that won't ever go out of style, but beards have been making waves all over, and it looks like the trend is here to stay! There are so many different styles that you can experiment with when it comes to a beard. Each of us has our style, and beards can be very versatile if we're willing to switch it up every now and then. Is a beard a part of someone's style statement? Absolutely! Beards can almost transform the way someone looks, and certain occasions call for well-groomed beards. However, there are a few misconceptions and myths regarding beards, the most common ones are what we hope to debunk with this article. So, without further ado, let's look at some common beard myths:  BEARDS GROW BY AGE 20 Most boys believe that by the time they're 20, they'll have an evenly grown beard. The truth is, beard growth is a very subjective thing! Just like the hair we have on our heads, which is different for each of us, even beard hair grows differently and at different ages. Some men grow out beards very early, some late, and some never have thick beards in their whole lifetime!   BEARD AND MUSTACHE GO HAND-IN-HAND Some men hesitate to grow a beard because it means that they'll have to grow a mustache as well. Why? Because that's the norm. Or is it? There's no such rule when it comes to beards and mustaches, and it's a completely individual choice to grow both together or not. Mustaches look great on some people and not so great on others. Based on your personal preference, you can always choose to grow only a beard, sans mustache, if that's what you want! BEARDS REQUIRE PROFESSIONAL GROOMING Another reason to maybe not grow a beard is because of how hectic the maintenance might get. Having to go to a barber for grooming every other week isn't so convenient. However, do you need to visit a barber or salon so often? Not at all! There are several self-grooming kits and electric shavers available in the market today. These are simple and convenient to use, and do a pretty great job at trimming and maintaining your beard too. Take a look at the Braun shavers here and check out some of their electric shavers to get a better idea. Once you get the hang of self-grooming, you'll love it.   USING BEARD PRODUCTS IS UNMANLY Imagine having to use lotions, creams, conditioners, beard oils; do men really do that sort of thing? Well, if you love your beard and want it to look great, you absolutely must. Beard balms and oils really help with setting the moisture into your beard, and using a conditioner now and then can also help with getting rid of split ends and roughness. There's nothing unmanly about this, and it's a smart way to take care of your beard and make it look healthy. Unhealthy beards can look very unattractive!  BEARDS ARE UNCOMFORTABLE There's this common fear that, as a beard grows thicker, it becomes scratchy and uncomfortable. Some men avoid growing one because they want to avoid this scenario, which makes sense. The real question here is, are all beards like that by default? Not exactly. The roughness, dryness, and itchiness aren't caused by the presence of the beard, but by the poor maintenance of it. As we've mentioned earlier, lack of proper grooming can make your beard brittle and lifeless. It can also cause dryness of the skin under and surrounding the beard. So, if you do take good care and moisturize often, there's no reason why a beard should be uncomfortable at all.   BEARDS ARE UNPROFESSIONAL  There are some job roles and environments that require you to be cleanly shaven at all times, so it must be only true that beards look unprofessional or unclassy. The truth is, not every job requires you to be cleanly shaven! In fact, many workspaces have become much more relaxed about facial hair. Yes, you do have to ensure that your beard looks neat and not unruly, but there isn't any direct correlation between having a being and looking classy. A lot of people actually think a beard makes a man look even suaver, and gives a rather macho touch to his whole appearance. FINAL THOUGHTS  To beard or not to beard, that is the question! We believe that beards are great, and they truly add on to the entire style appeal. So, if you're looking to embrace beards and try something new, we fully encourage it. And remember, you can always groom your beard yourself, just like you groom the rest of your appearance.