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How to Trim Your Beard (and When to Ask for Help)

Regular maintenance is the key to a healthy, good-looking beard Once you grow out your beard and ditch your morning shaving routine, you need regular maintenance to keep your beard hair healthy and to ensure your beard is presentable.  You should plan for a beard trim at least once a week.  But beware – it looks deceptively easy.  A buzz here, a clip there.  However, trimming your beard requires a bit of knowledge, patience, and skill for good results. Keep a beard trimmer in your bathroom drawer, along with a pair of stainless steel scissors.  For longer, thicker beards, you’ll need this tag team for well-executed touchups. Don’t trim, pick, or cut over ingrown hairs.  This only makes them worse, and the more irritated they are, the longer you’ll have to wait until your next trim. Clip the ends: This is nice and simple.  The point here is not to reduce length but to prevent split ends and remove dead or damaged hair.  Go light, keep a steady hand, and focus on cutting off uneven edges. Trim along your neck line – Keep the natural line your barber gave you on your last visit. Just cut off the thinner layer of hair that grew back below the line.  The same goes for your cheek line. Moisturize – To avoid any irritation around the areas your trimming, keep your beard moisturized with our Muse™ or Bold™ All-Natural Beard Oils. If you’re more skilled with a razor, you can use a safety razor for your cheeks and neck line, but be careful not to trim off too much. If you don’t feel confident with either a trimmer or a razor, or you’ve gone so long without a fresh trim that you can no longer locate your cheek and neck lines, plan a trip to your barber for an assist. Overall, don’t neglect your facial hair – this maintenance is the key to a healthy beard.