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When Should You Shave Your Beard and Start Over?

by Andrea Polk |

Some issues could signal big trouble

There’s a lot of advice out there about fixing or improving a stubborn beard.  There are vitamins to take, creams to apply, and brushes and combs to buy.  But sometimes, these quick fixes and magic pills just don’t work.  You have to decide when you should stop salvaging your beard and just shave it off.


With patchy beards, guys are often told to wait it out.  Be patient and brush your existing beard hair to cover up the spots.  But if you’ve tried all the tricks and you still have the patches, you might have to ditch your hopes of growing a full beard.  Instead, try wearing a closely cropped style or heavy stubble to minimize the issue.


Excessive skincare issues could be cause to abort the mission.  If you’re constantly dealing with irritation, itching, or flaking, it could be time to shave it off.


Not every guy is lucky enough to grow an Instagram-worthy beard, even with proper care.  Sometimes the hair stays too curled or matted, and it’s difficult to brush out.  You might try shaving, starting over, and adopting a new care routine.

If you’re determined to keep at it, load up on beard oil ASAP.  Our Muse™ and Bold™ Beard Oils offer refreshing, all-natural ways to keep your beard hair healthy and ready to grow.

If you’re giving up, shave close and stun everyone with our Lux™ Double Edge Safety Razor.

In the end, the decision is yours.  But if you’re running into countless issues and things aren’t turning around, a fresh start could be the key to the growth you need.