About the Owner


Popularly known for her passion, bravery, insights, and vision. Andrea Polk serves is an embodiment to the lives of those she serves. She holds a Master of Business Administration degree in E-Commerce & Logistics and a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Tennessee State University.  As a certified Licensed Aesthetician, she’s made it a priority to make extensive research, learning the foundations of skin care and the benefits of using natural organic products to achieve the best results without being overly complicated.  Her ultimate goal is to provide skin care tools that can enhance the outward appearance of people and in turn, boost their self-esteem.

In 2014, the astute entrepreneur was awarded the Ariel Investment 40 under 40 Top Game changers in Chicago due to her efforts of meeting the market demands. She was also awarded the opportunity to join 10 other top businesses in Chicago on a state-funded exporting opportunity to South Africa to showcase her brand to international buyers.

As a hard worker, with strong work ethics and honesty, Andrea constantly demonstrates persistence and resourcefulness in finding and creating innovative solutions that depict skin perfection. Andrea Polk has dedicated her life to finding the perfect grooming formula that epitomizes perfection in ethnic skin.  Prior to formulating the perfect skin care product, she worked at an industrial supply company. Working here, she realized that she was far away from her true mission, her calling. She always had a deep interest in natural health care and realized she wanted to educate people about the great benefits of using natural products. Andrea had always craved for more, never settling for less. She wanted to do something unique. Her intuition led to the discovery of the lack of concern in the men’s grooming market, especially pertaining to ethnic skincare; she saw the need in the marketplace and didn’t want to end on a failure. The realization of her passion and true calling birthed the idea of an Ultimate skincare product for men, Solo Noir, leaving it with a catchy slogan, “Definition of a Man.” 

Solo Noir is a creative and distinct blend of products that offer cutting-edge technologies that integrate organic and all-natural ingredients. Its uniquely concocted system brings out that Brave, Smooth, Sleek, Dapper, Refined attribute in a man.  Formulating this product was a challenge for her but despite the challenges and setbacks, she never gave up because she was born to solve a problem. With this in mind, she worked tirelessly knowing that she had a role to play in the grooming industry. Today, we can say the realization of Andrea’s passion consistently spawns an unwavering drive to contribute greatly to the grooming industry to enrich and transform looks.

Solo Noir was tagged the Best Consumer Product of 2015 in Chicago. The high demand for Solo Noir gave rise to two new products, Bold and Muse, which cater to beard grooming maintenance. Her efforts have awarded success in fulfilling her life goal of providing the over-looked male with the solution to achieving skin perfection. 

Andrea is customer-oriented. Her experience in consumer sales has proven to be successful in the grooming industry as well as in her professional career. She derives great joy in establishing a good rapport with her customers and providing them with a quick solution to their grooming regimen.  Ornamented with a self-motivated personality, Andrea prefers to take the extra step in staying unique and reaching her aspirations. Even after her numerous achievements, Andrea still remains down-to-earth and a people person.