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Maintenance Alert: A Few Easy Skin Care And Beard Care Tips

by Andrea Polk |

The Best Ways to Maintain a Men’s Grooming Routine

Easy tips for regular skin and beard care

In the last decade, men’s attitudes toward grooming have shifted favorably.  Where men were once derided for stocking their medicine cabinets with moisturizers and toners, these products are now commonplace in most guys’ bathrooms.  Part of the pivot toward regular grooming has to do with the greatest benefit – an improved personal appearance.  But grooming can also affect how you’re perceived in the workplace and by your existing or potential significant others.  Some of the best ways to maintain a grooming regimen are as follows:

Beard Care

Growing a beard requires upkeep.  Without a solid routine in place, you can suffer from itching, irritation, beard dandruff, and slow or patchy growth.  Simply applying a few drops of beard oil every morning is enough to keep your beard healthy, aesthetically pleasing, and smelling great.  The increased moisture ensures there’s enough for your beard and the skin underneath, which protects the hair you have and encourages new growth. 

You’ll also need to regularly wash your beard, to ensure no dirt or grime clogs your pores and stunts your beard growth. Our Beard Kit, which comes with either our BOLD™ or MUSE™ Beard Oils and our DAPPER™ Face + Beard Wash, has everything you need to get started and keep up the maintenance.


For men of color, it’s critical to keep your skin moisturized.  This means using cleansers that don’t dry out your skin, exfoliating periodically (but not too much), and moisturizing at least twice daily. 

Our products are specially formulated for men of color and will help you maintain healthy, clear skin without sacrificing any moisture.  Our REFINED™ Buff + Cleanse soothes the skin with jojoba seed, coconut oil, and lava powder while also preventing ingrown hairs, and the SMOOTH™ Face + Beard Moisturizer provides double the moisture in addition to anti-aging effects like the stimulation of collagen production.

Grooming is essential for the modern man – it’s an act of self-care that has benefits far beyond personal confidence.  And with products from Solo Noir™, starting and continuing a grooming routine is seamless.