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2019 Men's Holiday Buying Guide 🛒

by Andrea Polk |

Whether you're searching for a gift for the special man in your life or a satisfactory-yet-surprising present for your older brother, you may find just what you're looking for in a simply curated line of modern, natural men's grooming products. Think about it: grooming products are timeless, always used, and a welcome treat during the busy holiday season. Even the most difficult men to shop for appreciate the thoughtfulness behind a gift like a specialty grooming product. Men often want more grooming products but they just don't seem to buy them regularly for themselves. That's where you come in!

A Gift that All Men Need 

So what are the best grooming products to purchase?  The best thing you can do for the men in your life is to introduce them to the concept of a quick skincare routine. A skincare routine is ideal for all skin types, especially those that are prone to irritation or breakouts, and, contrary to what he might think, takes no longer than 3 minutes in the morning or at night. The benefits to having a good skincare routine is that you can battle damage from the sun or pollutants, restore balance to your skin's pH levels, and ensure your skin is healthy -- all performed in an easy, two- to three-step process. 

What To Buy

We recommend starting out with some form of cleanser.  If you (or the man you're buying for!) have oily or combination skin, a gel cleanser will help you stay matte while maintaining your skin's precious barrier. If you have skin that is on the drier side, choose a cream cleanser as it is less likely to strip your skin of its natural oils and dry you out more. 

Next, get in there with some form of manual exfoliation. This is highly recommended for men who shave with razors or who suffer from ingrown hairs as a result of facial shaving. Exfoliating the skin will allow your moisturizer (that's next up!) to penetrate deeper, get rid of any unwanted dry skin and debris, and leave you with a clean, soft surface that is ready to handle your next shave.

Finally, follow up with a moisturizer. Again, oily skin types should look for a thinner formula while drier skin will welcome a thick cream. Avoid any products that contain ingredients that are comedogenic -- that means they'll block the pores in your skin, causing acne, ingrown hairs, redness, and even hyperpigmentation. It's best to stick with products that are all-natural or nearly all-natural, as their ingredients are gentle and have been proven to work without further irritation or issue. 

Give the Unexpected This Holiday Season 

Don't think you can get him to commit to a skincare routine? Maybe it's time to tell him that most men nowadays use some form of grooming product, whether it be for their face, hair, or body. Simply let him try the routine and see the results for himself 😉

If you're interested in classic men's grooming products that are made from natural ingredients to ensure happy and healthy skin, look no further than the Solo Nair men's collections. From your date to your dad, Solo Noir is sure to please any man you're buying for this holiday season.