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What Products Are Right For Your Skin Type

by Andrea Polk |

Many men struggle to find products that work for their skin type< but don't realize it until they notice a rash or a breakout. Coincidentally, they probably aren't even aware it's necessary to purchase skin care products uniquely made for their skin type.

After all, skin care is a "girl thing," right? That couldn't be further from the truth. Men with beards, shave with a razor, or come from various ethnicity groups, need special skin care products to protect their skin from irritation or blemishes. Learn how men can treat their skin with natural skin care products according to their skin type. 

I'm A Guy! But, I Want To Protect My Skin 

There are naturally only four skin types. You'll suffer from dry (dead, flaky), oily (over production of sebum), sensitive (irritated by products), normal (no particular skin issues), or a combination (one or all types of skin conditions). These skin types aren't so cut and dry when combined with chaff skin from shaving. For example, sensitive skin will need gentle and simple organic skin care products can rejuvenate and support long term health. 

Being a male doesn't exclude you from having skin ailments that require special products. Whether its blocked pores from shaving, a dry T-zone, or alopecia, The more you shave, the more you'll need to protect your skin. Ironically, the texture of your facial hair can also narrate the type of skin care products you need. Check out our researched data detailing a few benefits of using Solo Noir, the current top male grooming products online.  

Refined Buff + Cleansed 

The Solo Noir Refined Buff + Clean formula exfoliates your skin. Men with dry or oily skin should regularly exfoliate their skin. For a dry skin type, moisturizer is the key to replenishing your skin. Redefined Buff + Clean provides an exfoliate that prevents the growth of ingrown hairs too. Infused with all-natural ingredients like coconut oil, jojoba seed, and lava powder, makes it suitable for all skin types. Men have an opportunity to hydrate their skin while providing a deep cleanse. 

Dapper Face + Beard Wash 

When it's important to have moisturizer for your face after shaving, the Dapper Face + Beard Wash is an all-natural facial scrub exclusively for bearded men. If you're willing to make the Solo Noir face and beard scrub a part of your daily grooming, it can prevent breakouts and help control an untamed beard. Enjoy aloe vera, chamomile, and witch hazel for all unique skin types. This product is perfect for men with a textured or thick beard. 

Complete Grooming Kit 

The Solo Noir complete grooming kit encourages healthy skin. Enjoy a line of products that's guaranteed to keep your skin smooth regardless if it is dry, oily, sensitive or a combination. Replenish all skin types with naturally formulated skin care ingredients like vitamin E and shea butter, both uniquely suitable for men. Solo Noir products are also used after shaving to provide organic skin-relieving agents. The complete grooming kit includes the products mentioned above including Brave, BarCode, Sleek, Lux, and Bold male skin care products. 

"Men should make it a habit of boosting their skin with a rich collection of all-natural products significantly designed for them," says, beauty experts. Many competitors' men's skin products fail to offer ingredients that will actually provide protection or relief regardless of skin type. Solo Noir offers products that promote a healthy beard and face while balancing skin's complexities. Also discover products that: 

  • soothes irritated/sensitive skin 
  • promotes hair growth 
  • softens dry skin 
  • frees hair before it becomes ingrown 
  • protection from razor burn 

The Solo Noir Double Edge Safety Razor gives men a closer shave with less skin irritation and it works better than a cartridge or multi-blade razor. Discover the benefits of Solo Noir today!