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Natural Ways to Increase Testosterone

by Andrea Polk |


You’ve probably read a lot of how-to articles about growing a great beard.  From beard brushes to beard vitamins, there’s no shortage of products on the market promising a shortcut to a full beard.  But ultimately, there’s one factor that affects your beard length—testosterone.

The more testosterone you have, the fuller your beard will be.  And vice versa, the lower your testosterone levels, the more you’ll struggle with patchy, or nonexistent, growth.  Testosterone is linked to our genetics, but if your growth is minimal, don’t think of it as a life sentence. There are some natural ways you can hack your testosterone production.

Ways to boost testosterone

In short, boosting testosterone involves taking better care of yourself.  As you take these steps to improve your beard, you’ll probably notice some other aspects of your life improving as well.

  • Work out more: Specifically, lift more weights and try sprinting intervals for your cardio. Both activities require the use of multiple muscles and cause a spike in testosterone production.
  • Eat well and eat enough: Testosterone production is fueled by adequate nutrition. This means eating enough calories (between 2,000-2,500 calories based on your size), consuming lean protein, and getting all the necessary vitamins and minerals you need. 
  • Get enough sleep: At least 7 hours a night gives your body time to recover. If you’re skipping out on sleep, your body has to play catchup all day, and that means your testosterone levels will remain low.

Also, despite your focus on boosting testosterone, be sure to maintain your beard care routine.  Keep your beard moisturized with beard oil, which promotes additional healthy growth, and use beard wash at least once a week to remove growth-inhibiting buildup.

If you’re having issues growing the kind of beard you want, the answer lies in your testosterone levels.  Make a few lifestyle changes and watch for the results.