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by Andrea Polk |

In general, it’s understood that black skin requires more moisture.  Even a man who’s grooming-averse keeps a bottle of lotion in his bathroom and a tube of lip balm in his pocket.  But not every black man falls into the same skin category.  There are four skin types—normal, dry, oily, and combination. Though each type requires a slightly different care routine, Solo Noir’s skincare products are naturally formulated to work with all skin types.


Dry skin produces less sebum, the skin’s natural oil.  When not properly treated, it looks dull and feels rough to the touch.  Be sure to use just enough cleanser when washing your face but not too much, as this will aggravate the dryness.  Apply our Smooth™ All-Natural Face + Beard Moisturizer immediately after drying your face.


Normal skin is perfectly balanced—not too oily or too dry.  The clear complexion and smoothness are an indication of health.  A regular cleansing and moisturizing routine will suffice for daily care, and you can maintain your habits with our Complete All-Natural Grooming Kit, which includes our full skincare line.


Oily skin produces sebum in overtime, and this leads to a shiny or glossy look.  Also, oily skin typically has more visible pores.  But don’t skip moisturizing.  Even though your skin is oily, hydrating your skin is still necessary to promote collagen production and healthy skin cell growth.  Just switch up your moisturizers by season.  For example, go with a lighter product for summer when you’re sweating and producing even more oil.

Also, cleanse with our Refined™ Buff + Cleanse All-Natural Facial Scrub, which exfoliates and clears your pores of dead skin cells, or use our Brave™ All-Natural Aftershave + Toner to absorb excess oil and tighten your pores.


Combination skin is tricky, with different areas of the face containing different skin traits.  For example, your T-zone (your forehead and nose) might be oily but the rest of your face is normal.  Look for products that are specifically geared toward combination skin.

Take the time to identify your skin type and build a routine that’s tailored to your needs.