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Common Beard Issues & How to Correct Them

Initially, growing a beard seems easy.  You simply stop shaving and watch as you become part of the #beardgang.  But it’s not as carefree as it seems.  Growing, and maintaining, a great beard requires some effort and awareness if you want to avoid the common beard problems.   TRIMMING TOO FREQUENTLY Some men are blessed with full, even growth.  But others will see patchy growth.  So, one section of your beard will grow in perfectly while other parts of your face have little to no stubble.  Due to impatience, some guys shave their beards completely, thinking that their beard will grow in differently if they just start over.  This isn’t the case.  You can’t change your growth pattern, but you can manipulate it.  Invest in a beard brush and brush your beard hair to cover up, or reduce the appearance of, your patchy spots.  Eventually, they’ll grow in.   USING MOISTURIZER INSTEAD OF BEARD OIL In the early stages of growth, our Smooth™ All-Natural Face + Beard Moisturizer is strong enough to keep both your skin and stubble in great condition.  But once you move past the heavy stubble stage, you need stronger reinforcements.  As your beard hair grows, your skin fails to produce additional sebum (oil) to keep the new growth moisturized.  This leads to severe itching, and maybe even beard dandruff.  A dime-sized drop of our Muse™ All-Natural Beard Oil or Bold™ All-Natural Beard Oil is more than enough to fix this issue.   NOT COMBING OR BRUSHING YOUR BEARD The longer your beard gets, the more common knots and tangles become.  Even if the knots aren’t painful or inhibiting, they’re still bad for you.  When your rub in your beard oil, it can’t get to the base of the hair follicle because it gets locked in the tangles.  A failure to comb out the knots leads to spots of dry hair and split ends.  If it gets bad enough, you might have to shave completely and start over.  To avoid this, grab a beard comb and some beard oil.  Just after your shower or a beard wash session, comb through and remove those knots.  Aside from avoiding long-term issues, your beard will also look cleaner and more stylish. A little work on the front end can lead to a great beard later on.