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Top 5 Destinations For African-American Men To Visit In 2020

by Andrea Polk |

Top 5 Destinations For African-American Men To Visit In 2020

As an African-American man, traveling around the world comes with a few restrictions of being welcomed. Even when truly no place can be like home, they've been a few destinations seemingly suitable for African-American men. Exploring these cities and spots over the world makes us feel the excitement of the black culture again. Black travelers looking for the right relaxation spot without feeling so apart would love this list. Here's a compilation of the top 5 destinations for African-American men to visit in 2020. Join me on this voyage!

  1. Ghana

How long has it been again since the first set of slave sails left the shores of West Africa? Centuries right? Over 400 years to be exact! For as long as I can remember, the Ghanaian government has been a profound supporter of the Pan African Movement. Following this movement, Ghana started receiving people of African lineage to the country in 2019 for cultural tours. This initiative promises every visiting African-American man swift visa applications and an avenue to connect with their ancestral root.

For first-time visiting folks, I'd personally advise that you start your tour from Accra. Accra is the capital of the country fully stocked with black historical displays and culture. The city is also known for its wide acceptance for Afrobeats music and nightlife. When done with Accra, a three-hour drive to the previous ancestral slave keep in Elmina Castle should be next. These dungeons were known to house African slaves. Here, you'd get historical truths about slavery.

  1. United Arab Emirates

Unlike Ghana that shares a historic part of the black culture, UAE is a famous city known for its luxurious moments. These strikingly affordable luxurious adventures serve African-American men in terms of luxury travel. One of which is the prestigious Rosewood Hotel famous for its intercontinental dishes and view. Black travelers have over time preferred to have brunch in this hotel because of their dishes that strike across various cultures. 

As a solo black tourist looking to visit the UAE with a pack of other travelers, there are a few black-owned agencies who organize trips to Dubai. Another interesting way to visit a country as an African-American is to travel with folks with like minds. This would eventually start and steer up conversations about your culture, history, and bonding over the visiting country. Black experts who were once travelers have now found a haven in cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Do not fall for its charm!

  1. Senegal

Senegal is a country on the Western coast of Africa popularly known for its colorful beaches and influencing culture. What is considered as the perfect Senegalese hospitality combo is the culture, exuberance and "teranga". Dakar is a grooming city in Senegal with the best seafood, eye-catching art, and the most beautiful beaches in the country. In the whole of West Africa, Dakar is known as the embodiment of art creation in the continent. Also, it hosts Dakar Biennale, the aged coeval art exhibition in Africa. This show attracts tons of African-American men among other tourists from over the globe.

As a black man paying a visit to Senegal for the first time, you should check out the peaceful Island of Gorée. The little island is scantily occupied by old structures that share the terrific past of the island. Stories of this island include the path where the enslaved Africans walked by before being sailed overseas. As an African-American man looking to sync with your black culture, pay a visit to House Of Slaves.

  1. Montreal, Canada

Every African-American man looking stuck between taking the next trip to Paris and visiting his heritage should try Montreal. Black East coasters seeking an adventurous new cultural experience have been spotted several times in Montreal. Montreal is the perfect line between the microaggressions against blacks and the beautiful experience of Paris. The city also has the highest number of the famous restaurant with varying black dishes.

Montreal has a strong presence and acceptance for the black and Caribbean culture. With the yearly Montreal Jazz Festival organized in June, black jazz lovers get to bond over their cultural music.

  1. Belize

Belize should be your number one and only stop for a trip field with Caribbean drinks, meals, and adventures. Black travelers checking Belize for the first time should stop by at Caye Caulker for an unforgettable black culture experience. The suiting feeling from the cold breeze and crystal blue water by this island is the haven for most black travelers. Belize city is also a resort island for beach sports that include kayaking, skiing, and a few others.

Gulisi Garifuna Museum houses the tales and displays of black and Caribbean cultures for visitors. African-American men looking to get the true tales of some major aspect the afro-Belizian culture should head there.