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  You might be a big fan of James Harden’s beard, or Drake’s or Common’s.  But liking a beard style doesn’t necessarily translate to your face and style.  If you’re not sure of what beard type works best for you, consider the following guidelines. The best way to identify the right beard type is through your face shape.  Quite often, this will dictate the style that enhances your overall look. OVAL OR DIAMOND FACE Your face length is long, and you have a pointed chin.  Your remaining features are all smaller, compared to your length.  Luckily, this bodes well for you.  Most beard types will work well for your face shape.  So, it’s simply a matter of identifying what you like best. RECTANGULAR FACE Like the diamond face, your face is long, but your other features are all balanced.  You want to fill out your face and reduce the length.  So, let your sides grow in fully but keep the bottom cut short. ROUND FACE You have a soft jaw, your cheekbones and face measure about the same, and your forehead and jawline are smaller.  You want to do the inverse of the rectangular face—let the bottom grow long and keep the sides short. SQUARE FACE You’re in the same club as the round face, but your measurements are almost the same all over, and you have a more angled chin.  You’ll want to keep your sides short and grow your chin in more fully. While it’s important to choose a beard style that you like, it’s more important to select one that fits your face shape and takes your look to the next level.